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General Plumbing Info & Homeowner Tips

Although we take it for granted, the proper function of your home's plumbing is vital. Pipes connect all of your water fixtures together in a vast array throughout the home and property. These pipes eventually meet at a main line that exits to the municipal supply outside of the property. Because your plumbing is extremely complex, it's critical to only trust a licensed plumbing company.

Everyday Plumbing Problems

Some of the common plumbing problems that you'll encounter are clogs. Many sinks are subjected to a lot of potential debris blockages, such as hair, food and grease. When sticky substances line the plumbing, they provide a perfect surface for particles to collect. grease, hair and other debris will usually stick to the pipes' walls, and effectively create a blockage.

Other issues usually revolve around leaks or cracks. A toilet base might have a leak because of a faulty wax seal, for example. Other leaks emanate from pipes hidden in walls. A plumbing inspection is a good idea for basic preventive maintenance purposes. once discovered early, a plumber can clean out any potential clogs and pinpoint leaks before they develop into major problems.

Considering Water Line Leaks & Repairs

Your home likely has a main water line that connects to the municipal supply. Clean water enters the home and exits it as waste water. Over time, however, this water line can break down. It's normally hidden underneath your front yard, so some subtle hints might tell you that a leak is occurring at the main line. Unexplained puddles in the grass and excessively high water bills are clues that there's a leak under the grass.

Not all plumbing companies offer leak detection in house. We do. The training needed for leak detection is extensive and usually requires a great deal of experience to do it well and find the leak accurately.

Understanding Polybutylene Pipe Problems

You may have recently heard of PVC or polyvinyl chloride piping used in plumbing systems, but some homes have polybutylene materials instead. Although both of these materials are similar, polybutylene was a material used mainly in the 1970s and 1980s. If your home was built in these time eras, polybutylene may be an issue in your home. Aging and weathering are common problems with polybutylene. In fact, today's chlorinated water is actually wearing the materials down faster than ever before. We can take a look at your pipes and verify if they require any repairs or replacements. A cracked polybutylene pipe can quickly damage any part of the home.

Concerning Sewer Problems

Your sewer should also be evaluated, especially if household backups are common experiences. We have repaired thousands of sewer and drain lines in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Licensing & Bonding Plumbing Professionals

When you're looking for a plumbing professional, it's critical to select a company that's licensed in the state of Georgia. These licenses need to be routinely renewed so you'll always know that the professional has every skill possible in the industry. Insurance and bonding policies are also important factors to consider as well. If any problems occur during your plumbing project, the bonding and insurance can cover some or all of the damages.

How to Find a Reputable Plumber

You already did, but in case you want to keep looking consider these tips:

Word-of-mouth is still a powerful strategy when you're looking for a plumber. Ask friends and family about their experiences with local plumbers. You can also go online and read reviews. Atlantis Plumbing has some of the highest rated reviews on the internet.

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